A special trip by Niki and Dillon to help us celebrate the 4th of July week in 2006.It was a very short trip but we got to see the kids and they were able to swim with the Whale Sharks in that area.  


Ferry to Holbox

Arriving at Isla Holbox

Beach at our hotel

Main street of Holbox

waiting for our rooms

restaurant waiting for dinner

Our transportation on the island.  Dillon as Chauffeur

Niki's langosta



flamingos at twilight

getting ready to jump into Gulf of Mexico

Niki all ready to go 

Niki, Dillon, Alex & whale shark



Dillon getting seasick

Dillon still seasick 

Notice the huge mouth and small teeth


 more whale sharks 


 whale shark right next to boat 

 more whale sharks top one probably 12 mt's.

Side trip to Chichen Itza


 Peacock at hotel grounds 

garden at our Mayaland Hotel




 Main pyramid at Chichen Itza





 Dillon & ruins 

 Dillon and ruins




 The following are Dillon's photos of the whale sharks,  some while swimming with them and some from the boat.  Great time was had by all.   


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